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WINNER Shares Their Favorite Alcohol and Their Usual Drinking Place



WINNER shares their alcohol preference on a recent broadcast. 

The boys appeared on JYP's 'Party People' when the producer asked, "Who enjoys drinking among the members?" Mino answered that, "Jinwoo hyung and I are the ones that enjoy drinking more. When we drink, we usually drink whiskey, around 2 bottles." 

Seunghoon pointed out that, "They don't drink outside but more at the dorm or the hotel rooms when we are abroad for our overseas schedule."

When JYP asked about Seunghoon's alcohol preference the member replied, "I drink water." Seungyoon explained that, "He drinks water, he can't drink alcohol well" and Mino also added, "He has alcohol allergic too."

Image Source: Youtube 'W와 우주봉' Screenshot

Check out moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] W와 우주봉

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