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WINNER`s Mino Got Inspired By Gag Woman Park Narae?



Mino got inspired by Park Narae's making process.

Mino guested on 'Get it Beauty' and was seated by the side along with fellow company mate, iKON's B.I and One. They were observing the female cast putting their make up on when Mino said, "I got inspiration from that look of Narae noona so I will try to draw Narae noona." 

Park Narae dashed off when Mino came nearer but Mino went after her to draw her. True to his skills, Mino drew a portrait of Park Narae when she was drawing her eyeliner line. 

Image Source: Youtube 'OnStyle' Screenshot

Check out the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] OnStyle

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