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WINNER`s Mino Made the Designer Flustered when He Shared the Type of Scissors He Used



Mino tried his hands on custom designing.

Mino visited a Levi's tailor store and met with the store's master tailor to learn a few skills about customizing denim jackets. Mino shared his idea and what he would like to customize with while the master tailor helped him by the side.

When they were cutting the jacket with the cloth paper scissors, Mino was satisfied with its smooth cutting and said, "Wow, this scissors is good. Is this the scissors especially for cutting?"

He added, "When I do it at home, I just use the kitchen scissors. I used that to cut Kimchi, to cut meat and cut clothes after washing it" making the tailor flustered and couldn't help but to laugh at him.

Image Source: Youtube 'MINO’s Style Map' Screenshot

Check out the moment at the 2:15 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] MINO’s Style Map

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