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WINNER`s Mino and Seungyoon Got Upset with the `Business Relationship` Felt from the Older Members



Mino witnessed a sight that broke his heart.

On WINNER's 'Youth Over Flowers,' the boys got themselves friendship bracelets that they promised to never take it off.

Image Source: Twitter 'zeyniiDara'

However, in a recent clip of Seunghoon and Jinwoo on the running machine, showed no signs of the bracelet at all. They both tried their best to hide their hands away but it was to no valid. 

This matter was brought to the table and the following conversation happened.

Image Source: Twitter 'YG_WINNER'

Seungyoon had it on the whole time despite his filming and Jinwoo who wanted to try his luck on Mino got it repelled with a proof picture by the younger. 

Two very upset maknae line attained. Watch how the friendship bracelet started in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] YGFamily Channel

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