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Wanna One Released Their Official Light Stick, It is Sold out in No Time



Wanna One's popularity has once again been proven.

On the morning of January 9th, Wanna One's official light stick was on sale one online shopping mall. In several hours, though, fans are no longer available to buy it since it has gone out of stock. It has been reported that Wanna One's official light stick has become the top search on the day. 

Image Source: withDRAMA

What is more interesting is the fact that it's not the first batch of the sale. In fact, the sale opened on January 9th is the second batch of the sale, after the first one also record a sold out. One representative from the online shopping mall said, "Wanna One's official light stick is not a pre-order item, so it will be directly sent to the buyers."

Source: [Youtube] CJENMMUSIC Official

Thumbnail Credit: BLUE FOREST, Instagram '@studying_1'


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