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Wanna One's Kang Daniel and Sunmi Teamed up to Perform [Gashina] and [Tell Me]



Wanna One's Kang Daniel and Sunmi put a special collaboration on 'Happy Together 3.'

On the show's latest episode on the 11th, Kang Daniel and Sunmi delighted viewers, performing 'Gashina' and 'Tell Me.' It was all started when Daniel mentioned Sunmi as one of senior artists he really admires. As you might have known, Daniel has covered the popular 'Gashina' key point dance multiple times in front of fans.

The hosts asked Sunmi whether or not she'd seen his cover, and she replied, "I saw it all!" Being excited with Sunmi's response, Kang Daniel then said that he also used to exercise to Wonder Girls' 'Tell Me.' 

Image Source: KBS

Just like that, the two ended up dancing to 'Gashina' and 'Tell Me' in the show. You can check out their dance above!

Source: [Youtube] SkyVideos

Thumbnail Credit: KDANIEL PHOTO


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