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Wanna One`s Ong Seongwu Expressed Thoughts on Fantagio Entertainment`s Crisis



Wanna One's Ong Seongwu has finally opened up about the current issue of Fantagio Entertainment.

As previously reported, Fantagio Entertainment is currently facing internal crisis, where the CEO of the agency, Na Byungjoon, has been fired from his position by a Chinese company JC Group, who held the largest share in the company. In return, a Chinese CEO, Wei Jie, will fill in the position. 

Image Source: BLUE FOREST

Media outlet Star Today has reported that the idol was not aware about the situation at first. While talking on the phone with one of the agency's employees, Ong Seongwu stated, "I was so surprised to hear about Na Byungjoon leaving. Is everyone okay?"

Ong Seongwu then continued, "I, as well as my fans, think Na Byungjoon CEO is like a father. He's the one who has made the current Ong Seongwu exists. My fans started a hashtag movement for Mr. Na, and I was so grateful for that. I dearly hope Fantagio family come together in times like this and the issue be resolved as soon as possible."

Image Source: FINE WOOD

The Wanna One member is currently under YMC Entertainment. However, he will go back to his original agency once the project group disbands. 

Source: [Youtube] BADA


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