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Wanna One`s Ong Seongwu Showed His Worry to Daniel, Fans Ship the OngNiel Couple Even More



Ong Seongwu and Kang Daniel are continuing their adorable chemistry.

On their variety show, 'Master Key,' the two enjoyed their meal during the break time. At that time, Daniel was talking with Henry, who was also a part of the show. Seongwu, who sat next to him, suddenly asked Daniel whether he is okay about the food. He asked not about the taste, but Seongwu warned him that he should not eat it since it's a shrimp. It turned out that Daniel has an allergic to it.

Image Source: Youtube 'im jinu' Screenshot

Needless to say, fans of Wanna One, or as known as Wannable, are all excited to see how the two get along well together. Several comments found for the two read, "This is the reason why I love Wanna One," "OngNiel is so adorable," "It's good to see how Ong takes care much of Daniel," and more. 


Check out the clip above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] im jinu 

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