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Wanna One`s Ong Seongwu to Be the Male Lead in Huh Gak`s Upcoming MV... He is Nothing Less than Perfect



Ong Seongwu is going to be featured in Huh Gak's upcoming MV, 'Only You.'

'Only You' is an upcoming special digital single from talented singer Huh Gak. For the MV, Huh Gak chose Ong Seongwu as the main actor to deliver the story of the song. Ong Seongwu will not be alone, as VICTON's Lim Sejoon will also be in the MV. 

Image Source: Plan A Entertainment

Image Source: Youtube 'HuhGak (허각)' Screenshot

Nothing much has been revealed in the teaser, but listening to Huh Gak's powerful vocals and Ong Seongwu's saddening expression, it is almost sure that the single will be a heart-wrenching ballad song.

Check out the newly released MV teaser above!

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Source: [Youtube] HuhGak (허각)

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