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Watch How NCT Members Prepared Themselves Before SM Halloween Party



Beauty and the Beast, the Smurfs, the Tin Man and many more.

The boys left deep impressions with their Halloween costume of various kinds. Mark with his Tin Man costume, Haechan as Jack Skellington, Yuta as 'Death Note's L, Jisung, Renjun, Chenle and Jeno as Smurfs, Jaehyun as 'Your Name's Taki, Doyoung as a vampire and the only couple concept, Winwin and Taeil as 'Beauty and the Beast.' 

Mark who had his silver costume looking like an aluminum foil wrapper was being teased with the calling, "Kimbap."  Yuta showed the habits he prepared for his character L too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'SMTOWN' Screenshot

Taeil was preparing himself in his yellow Belle dress when 'Beast' Winwin arrived at the dressing room seemingly excited as he called out to Taeil going, "Belle! My Belle! My queen!" 

Image Source: Youtube 'SMTOWN' Screenshot

Watch the video above to see more!

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Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

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