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What Jungkook Did to This One Fanboy at a Fan Meeting will Make You Like REALLY Jealous



Jungkook has brought his fan service into another level. 

During BTS' fan signing event on October 7th in Seocho, Seoul, fans noticed one ultimate fan service from the golden maknae to one international fanboy, named Sebastian. As he came in front of Jungkook, Sebastian gave him a note in which he had to fill in the blanks. 

Image Source: SHINSEBA

There are three blanks in the note: 'A,' 'B,' and 'A+B.' In the section 'A,' Jungkook got to write his name while in the section 'B,' he had to write 'Sebastian' (the fan's name). Jungkook adorably drew a heart in the 'A+B' section. Not only that, Sebastian also gave a couple necklace to Jungkook, and pinky promised something with him.

Meanwhile, you can watch the fancam above to see Jungkook's charms at the event.

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Source: [Youtube] HEADLINER

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