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Who does BTOB`s Eunkwang`s Mother Thinks Her Son Looks Like Between His Parents?



The MCs doesn't seem to agree with her answer.

Eunkwang and his mother did a collaboration stage on 'Immortal Song' where she fulfilled her dream to stand and sing on stage with her son. Back in the waiting room, MC Moon Heejun asked Eunkwang's mother, "Who does this beautiful son of yours looks like?" 

Eunkwang's mother replied, "Half-half." However, not really agreeing to her answer, he said, "But from how we see it, he looks 100% like mother."

Image Source: Youtube 'Buttercoco' Screenshot

Eunkwang is his mother's son alright. Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Buttercoco

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