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Who is the Best Entertainer Among the Highlight Members?



This member would surprised his members on broadcasts too.

In a recent interview, the members were being asked, "Who is the best 'Entertainer' among the members?" 

Kikwang took this question and answered, 

"Junhyungiee..? Even thought his actual personality is really delightful too, there are many times we got surprised when we see the side of him on broadcast that we don't usually see in daily life. He doesn't do aegyo in front of us. It seems like he was being asked to do it because they know it isn't Junhyung's personality to be unable to do that. On top of that, it also fascinating to see that he did it. Its surprising but also interesting to see those." 

Check out Junhyung's aeygo in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Kpop jjang

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