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Why did Red Velvet`s Irene Go Back on Stage After Music Show has Ended?



Irene went back up on stage with a blanket tied around her. 

After 'Inkigayo' broadcast, fans were still waiting to exit when Irene reappeared on stage. She was looking down the whole time, seemingly searching for something on the stage. It seemed like Irene lost her ring during the performance and came back after the show ended to search for it. Along with a staff, both of them were searching the floor with much focus. 

Despite busy looking for her missing ring, she still didn't forget to greet fans who called out to her as she gave them a smile and a wave. However, it seemed like in the end, she wasn't able to find it too. 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] The Unit

Thumbnail Credit: BABEY

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