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YG Entertainment Released Special Video for Lee Jongsuk`s Upcoming Poetry Book... It will Break Your Heart



The promotional video of Lee Jongsuk's upcoming book of poetry is out! 

As previously reported, the model turned actor is going to work with famous poet Na Taejoo for a book of poetry, titled 'It's All My Fault.' The book will be on sale starting from December 20th. To promote the book release, YG Entertainment has released a touching promotional video featuring Lee Jongsuk himself. 

Image Source: YG Entertainment  

In the video, Lee Jongsuk immersed himself in his emotion and read a narration, "It's a fate. That you came to me, that I came to you. Ah, no. It was a necessity. All by means, that promise that we will meet one day. That magic to make you become me, and I become you. It was sure, that it was a necessity."

Check out the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] YG ENTERTAINMENT

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