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Yook Sungjae Got to Prepare His Stage with BTOB in Less Than a Minute, Here`s What He Did



Nope. You cannot ask for any cuter version of BTOB's Sungjae. 

On one of BTOB's live performance, the boys were required to get ready for their song, 'Missing You.' As you might know, the boys use standing mics as well as chairs for the song's live stage. However, since BTOB performed right after NCT at that time, they did not have much time to get everything ready. With the help of several crew member, the boys tried to get ready as soon as possible, but not Yook Sungjae. 

Image Source: Youtube 'supershinstudio' Screenshot

Rather than getting himself ready, the maknae was being extra and adorably ran around the stage. Needless to say, fans who see this burst out laughing. Not only fans, his fellow members also could not hid their smiles on the stage. Fortunately, as soon as the song started, they managed to immerse themselves in emotion and showed an outstanding performance.

Watch the fancam above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] supershinstudio 

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