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Yoon Jisung was Unable to Attend Backstage Interview at [32nd GDA], Due to Poor Health



Wannables are all worried as soon as they see the boys's condition at thr '32nd Golden Disc Awards.'

Fans' celebration on Wanna One's 'Best New Artist' did not last long as they found the boys were not in their best condition. During the backstage interview, only 10 members of Wanna One were able to come; leader Yoon Jisung was not present, reportedly because he got some cold. The host commented, "Because there is a news like this, I think fans will worry much. I think it's because the weather has suddenly become so cold."

Image Source: Youtube '미치는 새럼 박우진만 보면' Screenshot

Not only that, members Hwang Minhyun and Ha Sungwoon were also coughing much during the interview. When asked whether they are okay, Ha Sungwoon tried to explained, "I think it's not that we caught cold, but because we have just come down from the stage, we are kinda short of breathe."

Anyway, we hope that the boys are always healthy and Yoon Jisung to recover soon! 

Source: [Youtube] 미치는 새럼 박우진만 보면

Thumbnail Credit: SEXY & SWEET, Twitter '@jhee72308828,' 황홀경


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