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You Know It`s Real Friendship When Girls` Generation`s Biggest Jokester is Crying



Girls' Generation's biggest jokester who rarely shows her sad or moody side, Hyoyeon, cried at a recent variety show.

This was due to the MC, Yoo Jaesuk, asking what made the 8 of them stay together for such a long time. To this question, Hyoyeon started to answer with a little bit of tears in her eyes, "People have been asking us that wherever we go these days. To be honest, I don't remember what I, or we, was doing until about the 5th year. I didn't know what was good and thankful; I just worked, worked, and worked as scheduled. But I have to say, if you ask a question like that, what really kept us together through thick and thin was being selfless. There definitely were times when I wanted to look the prettiest and get the most attention, but at those times I gave in and cared for the team rather than me. And I think that wasn't only me; that was all of us, which is why we still exist after so many years." This made her tear up, and seeing her cry made Yuri also tear up. Thank you, GG, for being with us for 10 years.

Check out the video for this emotional moment! 

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Source: [Youtube] krisbrows98

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