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f(x)`s Amber Did the Llama Song in Her Recent Insta Live But Said Its Not the Same Because of This



Its not the same without her partner.

Amber took her Insta live to greet fans after a while and a fan commented, requesting her to sing a song, the llama song for them. She shyly sang it all alone and ending it off with a somewhat empty feeling comment as she went, "Its not the same without Minho, so, sorry." 

Image Source: Youtube 'TWICE is BEST' Screenshot

Without SHINee's Minho, the composer as well as Amber's llama song partner in crime, it definitely felt empty to be doing it alone. Watch the moment at the 2:40 mark in the first video and the original llama song with Minho in the second video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] agent llama1030, Forevershineetwitter lee 


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