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f(x)`s Amber Responded to Haters` Malicious Comments, Being Savage as EVER



Amber got her haters down.

On October 16th, the member of f(x) uploaded new video on her Youtube channel, in which she responds to malicious comments. The video starts with a question, "Amber, where is your chest?" To the question, Amber answered in joke, "Good question, I think I should start looking for that. I think I've been like putting that off for too long."

The video continues with Amber and one of his male friends, named Bryce, to "search" her chest. While "searching" for her chest, Amber keep answering hater's comments. One comment said that she is just simply disgusting and ask her to move back to her hometown. However, she said in response, "I have done disgusting things in 8 years and I got millions of views. I think people like disgusting things." 

Another comment said that the "male" member in f(x) should leave the group. To this, Amber funnily said that she is agree to that because she is the only one that can be the "male" member in the group. 

Watch the full video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] Amber Liu


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