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iKON`s Hanbin Pushed Bobby in a VR Game and Bobby`s Reaction was Just Priceless



Bobby fell in a VR game all thanks to Hanbin.

The 3 iKON members went through a VR game experience and Bobby had his solo experience of a game scene that was located at the top of a high building. Bobby was balancing himself and walking on a narrow steel plank carefully when Chanwoo stretched his hand outwards, attempting to block Bobby's way. Still, Bobby stood firm and said, "I am not scared. I won't fall from here." 

Image Source: V Live 'iKON' Screenshot

All it took was one tough push from Hanbin for Bobby to drop off from the building as he screamed and fumbled all over on his way down.

Image Source: V Live 'iKON' Screenshot

That was one experience! Watch the moment starting from the 3:02 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] iKON

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