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[Danger] Came on Instead of an Intended Ballad and This was How SHINee`s Taemin Handled the Situation Smoothly


| 10 Aug, 2018

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Taemin handled the situation professionally at a recent event. 

Taemin was invited to perform at SKT's '0 Brand' launch event on August 8th. The SHINee's maknae had a little talk in between in his performance where he performed 'Move' as his first track. He introduced a ballad song of his, 'Hypnosis' as the next song he was going to perform but something else came on. 

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Instead of the slow ballad, 'Danger' came on and Taemin definitely looked flustered as he was trying to find out what happened by looking to the side. He then went a little backward to put down his hand mic before immediately going into the song in a blink. 

Image Source: Youtube '이태민이짱임' Screenshot

After 'Danger's stage, Taemin retrieved his mic before going, "Aigoo, sorry. The song before wasn't 'Hypnosis' but 'Danger.'"

Watch the moment at the 5:01 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 이태민이짱임

Thumbnail Credit: fireworks718

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