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#ENDviolence Goes Viral, It Turned out That the `Victim` of the Bully is Fake


/  8 Nov, 2018

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Things are getting more complicated after the attention-seeker revealed that everything about the post is false. 

As soon as the hashtag #ENDviolence trended worldwide earlier today, fans joined force and found out that the issue is totally false. It turned out that the "victim" is just a K-pop fan who made up her story about how she was beaten up to gain attention from the public. It comes from a dark humor Spanish group and they believe that it was all a joke, to make a fanwar between two or more fandoms. 

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According to fans, this is the original photos of the memes, before it was edited as if an ARMY was bullied in the public. 

Image Source: Twitter '@Byunelipse'

It was reported that the account has now been deactivated. However, fans are pretty much sure that the girl is just simply "hiding" from Netizens' limelight and create another account to do the same. 

Thank you for everyone who sent us the tips!

Source: [Youtube] UNICEF

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@Byunelipse,' Instiz

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