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(Op-ed) What We Do Really Think about #ENDviolence: Its Relations with Two Major Groups, BTS and EXO


|  9 Nov, 2018

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Here's our point of view about #ENDviolence. 

The hashtag has indeed garnered much attention, causing a fanwar between K-pop fandoms, mostly between ARMYs and EXOLs. First of all, the hashtag actually has no relation with the two groups -- maybe yes with the fandoms, but never with the groups. So, #ENDviolence is basically a hashtag started by UNICEF to protect children. The campaign is to make children feel safe at home, in school, and in their communities. Unfortunately, it got biased as one fan dragged it to suggest a fan war. The fan pretended to be an ARMY who was bullied, simply because she is a fan of BTS.

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We then found out that the post made is not true after all. It turned out that the girl who was "bullied" in the photo is just an attention-seeker who trolls the Internet and try to cause a fanwar. She revealed herself to be an ARMY who was attacked by EXOLs. Please note that we talk only about this one specific bully case. We are aware that there might be hundreds of more bully cases involving K-pop fans but we also realize that it is out of our capacity to cover every single case in detail.

So, why it's ARMY and EXOL among all? The most possible reason is that BTS and EXO are the two most dominating male K-pop groups. The two groups have massive fans spread all around the world and firm fanbases. We believe we don't need to mention their achievements to prove how popular they are -- both inside and outside Korea.

Image Source: Billboard

There is a growing awareness in many parts of the world about the level and impact of bullying, violence, and harassment in society. We have also received hundreds of "proof" showing other bully cases and questions whether or not we will ignore all the other cases of harassment and violence because this particular one case turned out to be false. The answer is: no.

We believe, and we will always believe, that any kind of bully/harassment/violence is never right. With this mind, we personally support the #ENDviolence campaign; not taking any side of the fandom, we join the campaign for a better, more peaceful, world. 

We are living in the world with billions of people inside. We definitely cannot blame the whole fandom just because of several misbehaved fan. Although it's hard not to generalize, making a jumping conclusion about the whole fandom is definitely not a wise way of thinking. 

Image Source: Unsplash

We hope this writing will make everything clear and cause no other misunderstanding between ARMYs, EXOLs, and any of other K-pop fandoms. 

Spread love. Not hate. 

Source: [Youtube] ibighit, SMTOWN

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