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10 Beautiful Ways CARATs have Been Creative with Their Lightsticks... Here`s What They`ve Done


| 14 Jun, 2018

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Some clever CARATs have discovered that fans can open up their lightstick and customize the diamond inside, making the lightstick even more beautiful than it was!

If you haven't seen the pictures on Twitter, now is your chance to see what fans have done! Check out the list below for 10 of the most beautiful ways CARATs have customized their lightsticks!

1. This rose that resembles the one from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Image Source: Twitter '@iix_iris'

2. When this fan replaced the SEVENTEEN diamond to a paperweight diamond

Image Source: Twitter '@slothyjww'

3. These smol flowers arranged around the diamond

Image Source: Twitter '@Mingnnia17'

4. Another use of smol, delicate flowers around the diamond

Image Source: Twitter '@sichcngs'

5. The matching flowers around the lightstick make it look even more beautiful

Image Source: Twitter '@jichansoon'

6. The use of orange in this lightstick is perfect for summer

Image Source: Twitter '@won_seventeen'

7. Replacing the diamond with a flower makes the lightstick look so enchanting

Image Source: Twitter '@the1the8'

8. Who knew that just by adding a few small flowers the lightstick would look so magical?

Image Source: Twitter '@Uri_smoljihoon'

9. A beautiful bouquet surrounding the diamond

Image Source: Twitter '@imdanekimlee'

10. The green stems kept on the flowers make this lightstick even more beautiful

Image Source: Twitter '@Ddalgyunim'

BONUS: Some CARATs have also gotten humorous with this trend and have put snacks in their lightsticks! Check out a few examples below.

Image Source: Twitter '@hwanghjs'

Image Source: Twitter '@NoMarkJinNoLife'

What do you think of this lightstick trend?

Source: [Youtube] SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube

Thumbnail Credit: SUMMER WALK, Twitter '@won_seventeen'

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