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10 Definite Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping on PENTAGON


|  2 Jun, 2018

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How much do you know about the group PENTAGON who released the hit song 'Shine'?

Although PENTAGON is a group that hasn't been in the K-pop scene for very long, they've quickly proved themselves to be worthy of recognition. If you want to learn why you should stan PENTAGON, scroll through the list below!

1. Talent

Image Source: Twitter '@PentagonUpdate'

PENTAGON is well-known for their hardworking and talented abilities in the music industry. The members have composed multiple albums completely by themselves, and the member Kino has choreographed for many of their title tracks. Also, leader Hui has even composed some of your favorite songs to come from Produce 101, such as "Never," and Wanna One's "Energetic"!

2. 'Shine' is a BOP, but not their only bop
Image Source: Youtube 'M2'

The group has shown fans very different sides of them with each comeback, proving their abilities to match any concept! Also, you should check out Hui and E'dawn's group with HyunA, Triple H, if you haven't already.

3. Their humor

Image Source: Twitter '@CUBE_PTG'

The group often post funny pictures like these on their Twitter illustrating their silly personalities that fans love. 

4. The close relationship all members have with each other

Image Source: Twitter '@kpopredictions_'

One of the major factors contributing to PENTAGON's fame is how much the members care for each other. Originally, members of the group were supposed to be eliminated on their reality show 'Pentagon Maker,' but the group is so close that they decided either everyone must stay or no one!

5. Height difference

Image Source: Twitter '@Meltagon_10'

Simply seeing the PENTAGON members standing together is a sure way to fall in love with them, from the giant maknae Wooseok standing at 188 cm to the "smol" eldest member Jinho at 168 cm. 

6. Relatable goofs

Image Source: Twitter '@CUBE_PTG'

When watching videos of PENTAGON, you may start to wonder if they're even trying to maintain their image because of their crazy and hilarious antics, but that's what makes us love them even more!

7. But also visual gods

Image Source: Cube Entertainment

...Need I say more?

8. Soft babies

Image Source: Twitter '@CUBE_PTG'

The group members have even referred to themselves as 'crybabies' in an episode of Pentagon Maker when they became emotional after exchanging letters to one another. The soft side of PENTAGON is sure to make you fall hard.

9. Their stage presence

Image Source: Youtube 'United CUBE (CUBE Entertainment Official YouTube Channel)'

The PENTAGON members work hard to make their stage presence fun and enjoyable for fans. For instance, their recent hit 'Shine' includes cute versions of popular dance moves from America that international fans can enjoy.

10. Pentagon Maker

Image Source: Twitter '@Meltagon_10'

If you still don't believe me, go watch the survival show that started it all, Pentagon Maker! It's the best way to see their talents, close relationships with each other, and their humor all at once. 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)
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