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10 Fun Facts about MONSTA X's Rapper I.M That Will Make Your Heart Weak


/ 11 Jun, 2018

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Want to know more about MONSTA X's rapper I.M?

It's easy to fall for maknae Changkyun's charms, but if you are one of the few that have still remained immune, then prepare to fall hard for this hardworking and talented boy. Here are 10 cute and interesting facts about I.M that will make you love him even more than you thought you could!

Image Source: CRUSH ON

1. He is the self-proclaimed "12D" member of MONSTA X.

2. His favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbet.

3. He said he doesn't really have an ideal type, but for him the character is more important than outer appearance. 

4. When he was a trainee, he used a lot of his allowance on jelly and gummy candies.

5. Because of his worldly upbringing and his curious personality, he knows a lot if unique world trivia facts!

6. He likes doing impersonations and using puns or wordplay.

7. He looks up to his father very much, and even wanted to be a scientist like him before he became interested in music.

8. He enjoys karaoke, but he is shy when singing in front of a large audience.

9. He always prays before eating.

10. When I.M decided to pursue his dreams to become a rapper, he moved to South Korea alone, as his family was still living abroad.

Source: [Youtube] starshipTV

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