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10 Reasons Why Stanning EXID`s Hani is the Best Decision Ever


| 20 Jun, 2018

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Hani is the friend we all wish to have!

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should stan Hani, and if you already are then here is a list to remind you why you do. The list is in no particular order, and we know that there are more reasons why Hani has gained a special place in everyone's hearts.

1. Her voice

She is the lead vocalist of EXID, and the video above should show you why. She can hit high notes, maintain any note, she can even dance and sing at the same time. That is very impressive for any singer.

Image Source: Twitter '@AhnHani_Global'

2. Her 4D Personality

She has a way of looking at life from a different POV. She does not mind being Extra for the sake of entertainment. She will do just about anything to make sure her fans are entertained. She is dedicated to giving her all.

Image Source: Pinterest 'Sana Kim'

3. Her Brain

EXID appeared in November on 'Problematic Man,' in here it was revealed that Hani's IQ is 145 and that she scored a 900 in the TOEIC. She said that she went to an academy for two months prior to the testing, and studied on her own as well.

Image Source: onehallyu.com

4. Her Looks

Hani is not only the lead vocal but the face of EXID as well. She has a height of 168 cm (5'5") and has a beautiful smile and a toned body. And let us not forget the famous fan can that helped EXID reached the level it has. 

Image Source: Youtube 'pharkil' Screenshot

5. Her Aegyo

She is cute in many ways. She makes it funny when she is being cute, and other times she is just being cute without meaning to. The compilation above will make you go "AWWW MY HEART" in no time.

Image Source: Youtube 'fairy heeyeon' Screenshot

6. Her Savageness

She has yet another side to her, she can be a savage queen when in need. In the clip above you can see some of the savage moments EXID has had over the years. 

Image Source: Youtube 'EXceedInDrooling •' Screenshot

7. Her Oppa Side

With Hani you do not only get a girl group member, you also get an oppa. She will sit like a man, walk like a man, and sometimes even act like one. All of it of course, in good laughs. the clip above will demonstrate some of her more oppa moments.

Image Source: Youtube 'Knet Entertainment' Screenshot

8. Her Multilingualism

Hani can not only speak Korean, she is can also speak English and Chinese. She studied in China for a year before EXID was even in the works. The video above will show you just how pro-efficient she is at both languages.

Image Source: Youtube 'Ngoc Khanh' Screenshot

9. Her Laugh

When she laughs you can see the sincerity and joy in her eyes. She is not too overly concern with how she looks when she laughs. She is more concerned about enjoying that moment. It also helps she has a contagious laugh. The compilation above will have you laughing with her in no time.

Image Source: kpop.asiachan.com 'Ash3070' 


10. Her Love for Food

Hani is not afraid to say how much she loves food, nor does she shy away from eating in front of the camera. If the video of her eating does not make you say "same" we do not what will.

Image Source: Youtube 'leggo Exid' Screenshot

BONUS: Her Sneezes

How to forget her sneeze attacks, it sounds cute, yet looks funny. The clip above shows exactly what we mean.

Image Source: Youtube 'EXID COMEDY' Screenshot

Source: [Youtube] EXIDek, Matt pharkil, fairy heeyeon.EXceedInDrooling •, Knet Entertainment, Ngoc Khanh, Hairollleggo Exid, EXID COMEDY

Thumbnail Credit: Marcella Hawthorne, Twitter '@johahani', Pinterest '방렴 문'

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