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10 Times MONSTA X`s Wonho Ruined Your Bias List


/ 30 May, 2018

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Picking a bias in a group can be difficult, especially when there's always competition with your bias wrecker.

In this case, MONSTA X's Wonho makes the cut of someone who is always forcing us rethink who our favorite is. Check out the list below to see 10 times Wonho totally destroyed our bias list.

1. The time he showed Monbebes what duality means in one concert


2. When he cried for his mom because he had to bungee jump

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

3. Whenever he shows off his aegyo skills

Image Source: ALL THIS TIME

4. When he blesses us with pictures from the gym

Image Source: Twitter '@molly_madd'

5. Whenever he gives that big smile that can brighten anyone's day


6. When he gave a heartwarming video letter to his fellow MONSTA X members

Image Source: Youtube 'stacey freire' Screenshot

7. The time we saw what a good father he would be

Image Source: Instagram '@wonhoxmonbebe'

8. When he expressed his gratitude to Starship's staff members with the jacket he designed

Image Source: Twitter '@molly_madd'

9. Whenever he teases us by taking his shirt off on stage

Image Source: bielitz

10. Every time he reminds Monbebes how much he loves us

Image Source: Twitter '@hyungwonope'

Source: [Youtube] Heli Nugu, Instaiinite, stacey freire

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@OAO_301,' The Qoo 

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