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10 of The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Korean Rap and Hip-Hop Music Videos


| 10 Aug, 2018

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These videos are so beautiful, that it will give you feels!


Korean rap and hip-hop, or we can say K-chill, is by no means anything new but is also by no means old. We have covered aesthetically pleasing K-pop videos before, but people forget the beauty in K-chill videos. So we have compiled 10 of our the most aesthetically and ear-pleasing K-chill songs we enjoyed. We recommend listening to all of these songs as it rains!



1. Loco - 'Movie'

Image Source: AOMG



2. Basic ft.G2, Hwasa - 'Nice'

Image Source: pic.yule.sohu



3. Dean - 'Pour Up'

Image Source: Dazed



4. Zico - 'I am You, You are Me'

Image Source:  KQ Entertainment



5. Woodie Gochild ft. Jay Park, Dok2 - 'Let’s Get It'

Image Source: Twitter ‘@jayparknetwork’



6. Jo Woochan, Park Hyunjin, Achillo - 'OGZ'

Image Source: Cube and Starship Entertainment



7. Gallant ft. Tablo, Eric Nam - 'Cave Me In'

Image Source:  Warners Bros Records



8. Dumbfoundead ft. G. Soul - 'Water'

Image Source: Instagram ‘@dumbfoundead’



9. Millic ft. Fanxy Child - 'Paradise'

Image Source:  Instagram ‘@millicmillic’



10. ELO - 'OSAKA' (Feat. Zico)

Image Source: Elle



Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이), JunJun Team8, DEAN trbl, Stoe Music Entertainment, H1GHR MUSIC, Gallant, DUMBFOUNDEAD, HIGHGRND, AOMGOFFICIAL

Thumbnail Credit: AOMG, Instagram ‘@_ahnhyejin’, ARENA

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