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13 Extra Zoomed-in Photos of ASTRO`s Cha Eunwoo to Prove How Beautiful His Natural Eyelashes Really are


| 10 Sep, 2018

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Every inch of ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo is indeed precious. 

Well known as the visual genius, Cha Eunwoo doesn't stop surprising us with his perfect visual. This time, a compilation extra zoomed-in photos of the idols reveal how beautiful his eyelashes really are. It's not common for Asian men to have pretty eyelashes but Eunwoo does. His eyelashes are so long and thick, make his eyes look sharp and deep. You can take a look at Cha Eunwoo's photos below.

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Image Source: ricotta cheese

Image Source: SODOM

Image Source: EUNWOOHOLIC.com


Image Source: Facebook '아이돌이슈'

Image Source: TwinkleStarCha

Image Source: Dear Deer

Image Source: TwinkleStarCha

Image Source: Youtube '아이돌이슈'

Image Source: ARIES

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: SODOM, Fantagio Entertainment

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