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13 Precious Fansign Photos of SEVENTEEN... Now You Know Why You Need Go to Their Fansign at Least Once


/  5 Jun, 2018

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Some of the best pictures of idols come from fansigns, when their fans are able to interact with them and give them presents.

Fansigns are the perfect place for fans to snap funny or cute up close pictures of their favorite idols. Scroll through the list below to see just 13 cute pictures of the members of SEVENTEEN that have come out of fansigns.

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1. S.Coups

Image Source: love illumination

2. Wonwoo

Image Source: SAINT

3. Mingyu

Image Source: Instagram 'MINGYU SPAMZZ'

4. Vernon

Image Source: chwevernon.com

5. Jeonghan

Image Source: HANI TIME

6. Joshua

Image Source: 순간포착 조슈아

7. Woozi

Image Source: Woozi Nyan

8. DK

Image Source: DevilKin

9. Seungkwan

Image Source: All For BOO

10. Jun

Image Source: vivi960610

11. Hoshi

Image Source: DIVING HOSHI

12. The8

Image Source: Starry River

13. Dino

Image Source: Look a D

Which fan sign photo do you think is the cutest?

Source: [Youtube] Hoshi Maru

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