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2 Webtoon Artists That Included Hints of SHINee in Their Works Made Readers Suspect Them as Shawols as It`s Impossible to Be Just an `Coincidence`


|  4 Dec, 2018

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Could these 2 webtoon artists be Shawols?

Recently that has been spreading online were 2 webtoon scenes that were shared among Shawols. It's hard to ignore the close similarity that was found within these scenes in the webtoon. These two webtoons included related images to SHINee that it was impossible to anything else. One of it comes from the webtoon titled, 'Rest in Peace' while the other comes with the title, 'Weekly Boys' Romance.' 

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Webtoon '고인의 명복' ('Rest in Peace' literal title) is a mystery fantasy that goes around the story of the living and the dead. In this webtoon, a grandfather character was seen holding onto a magazine or a newspaper that has SHINee's advertisement with 'Shilla Duty-Free.'

Image Source: Naver Webtoon 

Image Source: Shilla Duty Free

Also appeared in the same webtoon, two female characters were seen holding on a phone that its phone case has an image of SHINee's latest release 'The Story of Light EP.1's cover image. 

Image Source: Naver Webtoon 

Image Source: SHINee

In webtoon, 'Weekly Boys' Romance,' the webtoon itself is based in Daegu which is SHINee's Key's hometown and the characters in this webtoon had all of SHINee members' birthday. From the first character called 'Choi Jincheon' who was born on September 23rd(Key's birthday), 'Cha Yeonho' who was born on April 8th(Jonghyun's birthday), 'Kwon Nayeon' on December 14th(Onew's birthday), 'Seo Daemyung' on July 18th(Taemin's birthday) lastly, 'Im Yulha' on December 9th(Minho's birthday). 

Image Source: Daum Webtoon 

The names of the character have no relation to SHINee members as they are just subway station names in Daegu. What do you think?

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

Thumbnail Credit: Daum Webtoon, Naver Webtoon, MBC

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