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2PM Wooyoung Said That He was Once Just as Depressed as Jonghyun, Explained How He Overcame It


| 16 Jan, 2018

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2PM's Wooyoung made a comment regarding SHINee's Jonghyun.

The idol has recently had an interview with TV Report for his comeback with the 2nd solo album. Among various topics he had with the media outlet, a topic about SHINee's Jonghyun has garnered people's attention. Wooyoung mentioned Jonghyun's death as he was asked about why he got less solo promotions compared to other 2PM members and took 5 long years to make a comeback.

He said, "I recently heard the unfortunate news about Jonghyun. I believe he made such decision because he was struggling far more than me. I completely understand him and I believe there are a lot of celebrities who are going through similar situations as him. I was in a similar situation 5 years ago." the idol continued, "At that time, I wanted to overcome in any way possible. I thought of my fellow 2PM members. I could've ended it but I thought I couldn't just end it this easily. I held on thinking about how I need to finish strong."

Wooyoung then explained how he had finally overcame his depression, "I found a way of my own. I learned to draw, I tried scuba diving, and I relied on hyungs who has lived longer than me. I also read a lot of books and watched documentaries."

Source: [Youtube] jypenterainment

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