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2PM`s Jun.K Apologizes Once Again to Fans for His Scandal, Enlists in the Army Today


|  8 May, 2018

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2PM's Jun.K apologized once again to fans prior to his enlistment today.

JYP Entertainment has revealed statements regarding to Jun.K's enlistment today. The agency said, "Jun.K will be enlisting quietly on the 8th as he wishes. The time and location will not be revealed. We ask for your understanding."

Along with the statement from the agency, Jun.K himself wrote a lengthy letter for fans, thanking them for all the love and support, as well as apologizing for his driving under influence (DUI) scandal earlier this February. He wrote,

"Hello, it's Minjun (Jun.K's real name).

I am writing this letter because I can't see you before I enlist. I don't everything can be expressed through words but I hope it can reach you at least a little.

I want to sincerely apologize once again for disappointing you through my wrong actions in February. Since then, I have been regretting it every single day. It is clear that I should be criticized for my wrongs but I thought that from the pain that the people I love feel, I should definitely feel and understand something.

As a singer, and as a person whose job is to face the public and fans, I thought once again about how I've come so far. I thought about wandering between the two paths, one of my dreams about music, and the other of all the temptations of youth. When I look back, I know that I had to be more clear about my responsibilities on my actions as well as on the job I have.

Recently, before my 4th solo tour, I did not have the courage to stand on stage. I stood in front of you because I could not cancel the performance but I also thought that I should see you personally and sincerely apologize. When I saw you, my heart ached. I was so much in pain and I was sorry. I should have known how big it was for us to be together and how precious it was.

I won't sway. I will take all the criticism and whip on my wrongdoings. I'll reflect on my actions and work hard to become someone who is not embarrassed by myself.

Fans have loved 2PM and me for 10 years. The time I spent with the members, and with the staff that helped us all this time, is all precious, and I look back sincerely on myself.
I'm sorry that I'm leaving without being able to soothe all your pains.

2018.5.8 2PM's Jun.K, Kim Minjun."

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

Stay safe in the camp, Jun.K!

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment

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