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2PM`s Nichkhun Fondly Shared His First Impression of His Members in a Thai Talk Program


| 29 Sep, 2018

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Nichkhun recalls the first impression he had when he first saw his members.

Nichkhun went on Thai talk program, 'Loukgofl's English Room' back in May this year for his new Thai romantic-comedy movie, 'Brother of The Year.' Following Jun.K and Taecyeon's enlistment and the members' individual activities, it's hard to hear them talking about one another but it happened on this day. 

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Being together for 10 years since their debut in 2008, Nichkhun was being asked about his first impression of his members and here's what he responded with. 

Image Source: Youtube 'GMM25Thailand' Screenshot 

Jun.K - "He was actually the first member that I met when I first went to Korea because he can speak as well and I couldn't speak Korean at that time. He was the one taking me around, showing me places. He was a good friend."

Taecyeon - "... At first became my translator. He is very nice and very nerdy but a very kind person."

Junho - "Junho is very ambitious. He is very hardworking and very strict with his work as well." 

Chansung - "The youngest in the group even though he doesn't look that way. He is a very cute, nice kid."

Wooyoung - "The last one to come into the group. He was very quiet but very good at dancing" 

Nichkhun concluded that his members are "All very nice people." Watch the moment starting from the 23:21 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] GMM25Thailand

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