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3 Years Passed, This Male Idol Now Has the Perfect Body Every Girl would Die for


|  4 Apr, 2018

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Talking about body transformation, you cannot leave out this male idol.

Yes, he is no other than MONSTA X's Wonho. Compared to his early days debuting with MONSTA X, no one can deny that Wonho is getting only hotter (and hotter) than before. He was quite lean during his debut days but now, he surely captivates with his ripped muscles.

Image Source: only1Ho

Secrets behind his perfect body? Wonho himself revealed that he constantly hits the gym and work out until late at night. He also revealed that he intentionally woke up 3 hours earlier than the other members to work out in the morning. Some of his fellow members even refer Wonho as a gym-freak because he spends so much time to keep fit and build his muscles.

Image Source: FATALITE

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertain

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

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