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42 Photos of Cha Eunwoo`s Sweet Interaction with AROHAs at Fan Signing Events That will Make You Jealous Mealous


| 12 Sep, 2018

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Every AROHA definitely has to come to ASTRO's fan event at least once in a lifetime. 

It's not a secret that attending a fan signing event is the great chance to get closer to your idols. Most of the times, fans will be able to personally give their gift and make a contact with the idols. Among all, it's definitely not exaggerating to say that Cha Eunwoo is the sweetest in front of his fans. Photos below prove how warm Cha Eunwoo is in real life. 

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Source: [Youtube] KStarLive

Thumbnail Credit: 차근차근, 은하수

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