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5 Best Stage Outfits of BLACKPINK Since Their Debut in 2016


| 13 Jun, 2018

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The queens of fashion have arrived.

BLACKPINK is known for their hip style that matches their fresh and unique sound. Rather than adopting cute styles, they often opt for a more trendy street style look. Therefore, their stages are interesting to watch for both the music and the stage outfits! Scroll through the list below to see the best from each era so far.


Image Source: Twitter '@_FUpayme'


BLACKPINK showed us both their fun and sexy sides in these outfits they wore for their debut song.

2. Whistle

Image Source: SBS

This era had so many good outfits to choose from, but we think this stage outfit was the best for the trendy and fresh styles that only the BLACKPINK members have.

3. Playing with Fire

Image Source: Youtube 'BLACKPINK' Screenshot

The fun use of red to represent fire mixed with each BLACKPINK members' signature style made for a great stage. 

4. Stay

Image Source: Twitter '@rosiejpg'

BLINKS never had many stages of 'Stay,' but the outfits they wore for this M!CountDown stage fit them and the song really well, as they're classy with a cool BLACKPINK twist. 

5. As If It's Your Last

Image Source: Twitter '@JENNIERATIONS'

These outfits from the music video and the makeup that matches them easily grab your attention and keeps it because of the fun colors and accessories the girls wore.

Which era had your favorite outfit, so far?

Source: [Youtube] BLACKPINK, M2

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@BLACKPINK_INTL'

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