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5 Idols with Different Unique Habits Who will Make Your Heart Weak


| 12 Jan

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These idols look just more adorable with their unique habits. 

There's a saying that "habits from your childhood will remain forever." Just like that, changing one's habit is not an easy thing. And these idols might be some of those who cannot change their habits. Fortunately, theirs are bad habits but rather adorable ones. Thanks to their habits, not a few people have fallen for their charms. 

Check out who they are and what are their unique habits below! 

1. BTS' Jungkook: Habits When He Drinks from Water Bottle 

2. TWICE's Dahyun: Covers Her Face with Her Hair When Embarrassed 

3. EXO's Sehun: Close His Lips Tight

4. Red Velvet's Irene: Lifts Her Pinky Finger When Does a 'V' Sign

5. BTOB's Yook Sungjae: Straightens Nasolabial Fold (Smile Line)

Source: [Youtube] KOOKDAE97, 채널TWICE, AML EXO, Spinel CAM, 비투비..괜찮아여..?

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@@Hun_94Smeng, @Melong_WR'

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