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5 of VIXX Ravi`s Best Songs to Get You Ready for His Comeback


| 22 Jun, 2018

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Ravi's mixtape is almost here and we are on the edge of our seat!

Ravi is a great musician, he is known to have composed and arranged over 100 songs. little reminder he is only 25 years old. To get you ready for Ravi's new mixtape "K1TCHEN" we have decided to list up 5 of our favorite Ravi's songs. The list will include both solo songs, and collaborations he has had. If you have not marked your calendar yet, his mixtape drops on June 26th. 

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1. Bomb (Feat. San E)

Who could forget BOMB, it has been one of Ravi's greatest singles. It has over 3 million views on Youtube and more than 110,000 likes. This song was dropped at the beginning of last year, yet it is a to go song for many of us. The perfect balance between Ravi and San E's rap, and the music. If you are watching the video, the dance, the effects, and the overall aesthetics are the definition of Ravi. we have added the video to the top so you can enjoy this song all over again.

Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot 

2. Nirvana (Feat. Park Jimin) + Alcohol Remix 

A little slower than the one above when it comes to rhythm, but by no means is it a bad song. This song is the perfect K-Chill song, you know the one you play as you do homework, or just relax at home. This song vivid colors on the video and trippy overall concept just add to the K-Chill vibe. This song was released on January 22nd of this year and it already has close to 900,000 views. It even made it to number 5  on the Billboard US World chart. So most definitively not a song you want to skip.

Image Source: Youtube 'RealVIXX' Screenshot

3. Jelly box DamnRa Ravi (Feat. SAM&SP3CK)

This one is an oldie but goodie. Who can forget the time when one shot videos were the rage in the K-music industry? This song we do not recommend listening while doing homework, IT WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR BRAIN. No seriously, this song has just the right rhythm, build up, and breakdown to be one of those songs that if you listen today, you will be singing it in three days from now. Listen at your own risk.

Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot 

4. Pavlov's Dog (Feat. Cold Bay, Basick)

This song has a darker and more somber vibe than the rest of the songs on this list. The mix of Ravi, Cold Bay, and Basick rap's flow perfectly with each other. If there is one collaboration we should all be grateful for, is this one. This song has tones that pop at you from the back while they are rapping, and it honestly works perfectly. If you are ever just in a mood to listen to some rap, this is the song to go to. The only complaint we have? the fact that it ends, we only wish for it to last forever.

Image Source: Youtube 'RealVIXX' Screenshot

5. Ladi Dadi (Feat. Microdot, Jero) 

This is the perfect summer song. It has an airy and fun vibe to it. This is the kind of song you would listen to as you do a road trip with your friends. Or maybe as you have a pool party? This song sometimes gets forgotten since it does not have an official video. Our recommendation? do not sleep on this song. It has the right feel for just about anything you wish to do during summer.

Image Source: Apple Store

We hope this list will help you on the edge of the seat, as we are. 

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment, RealVIXX, kaiuos.

Thumbnail Credit: CeCi

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