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6 Actors Who were Once Underestimated... Because They are Simply Too Handsome


| 11 Oct, 2018

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People thought they debuted as an actor only because of their visuals. 

Even though they surely have talents in acting, a lot of Netizens thought that their visuals are the only reason why they can survive in the industry. There's a saying "Anything can be hidden except the truth" and, yes, it definitely applies to them. As they are featured in more projects, slowly but sure, people understand that visual is not the only thing they have. Check out who they are in the list below!

1. Kang Dongwon

2. Park Bogum

3. Im Siwan 

4. Yoo Seungho 

5. Ji Changwook 

6. Hyun Bin 

Source: [Youtube] tvN, 보거미, 구급상자, MBCdrama, SBS Drama, Netflix

Thumbnail Credit: Kakao Page, ALLETS

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