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6 Korean Celebs Who Deviate from the Norms Expected of Idols


| 13 Jul, 2018

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These idols don't fit the idol image. 

Certain qualities are often expected from idols in order to maintain a stellar image, but these idols have proved that idols can still maintain their fame and deviate from the expected norms at the same time. Check out the list below for a few super famous idols who don't seem like they would be idols!

1. Block B's Zico

Image Source: LENS NINE

People already often debate on whether or not Zico is considered an idol, as he still works in both the idol and underground rap scene. However, people believe his skills in rapping and other areas are so talented that he should be considered more of an 'artist' than an 'idol.' Yet, since he is still active in idol group Block B, he often is still considered to be more of an idol by fans. 

2. BTS' Suga

Image Source: FistBump

Like Zico, Suga is also influenced greatly by the underground rap scene, making him already stand out from most other idols. He also doesn't shy away from talking about serious or personal subjects in his music and instead talks about his beliefs and experiences open to fans. Even though Suga has reached a high position in the idol world because of the group's fame, he has still maintained the same image throughout his career. 

3. SHINee's Taemin

Image Source: kin_718

Although all of SHINee's members tend to deviate from the norms expected from idols because of the group's unique concepts, Taemin especially has proved his individual artistry through his solo releases. He revealed that his most recent single 'Move' was meant to express both masculinity and femininity and that he wanted to counter gender norms often expected for K-pop dances. 

4. f(x)'s Amber

Image Source: DAZED

From the beginning, Amber has been different from the other female idols, as she has always challenged the gender norms expected of female idols in the industry. Instead of expressing an innocent and feminine persona, Amber freely expresses her tomboy personality by maintaining a short haircut and always wearing shorts. 

5. BIGBANG's GDragon

Image Source: nicolexxgd

GDragon stands out from the K-pop scene in both his music and his image. On the one hand, his music often pushes unique boundaries that others aren't willing to admit and freely expresses themes in his music that are self-deprecating or narcissistic, and ultimately just expose his most personal inner thoughts. On the other hand, GDragon has been a leader in challenging gender norms as well, as he has had no problem expressing an androgynous style or adopting clothing that others describe as 'feminine.' 

6. Holland

Image Source: Twitter '@HOLLAND_vvv'

Although Holland just debuted this year, he is already making history in the K-pop industry, as he is the first openly gay idol. When he was young, he told close friends that he was gay, but then was a victim of bullying. Therefore, he decided to become a public figure who speaks honestly and openly about people's rights. Fans and non-fans alike have praised him for his bravery and determination in the industry, and are excited to see what amazing things he will (continue) to accomplish in the future. 

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment, ibighit, SMTOWN, Amber Liu, BIGBANG, HOLLAND

Thumbnail Credit: Suga on the beat, Instagram '@ajol_llama,' kin_718

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