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6 Stars Who will Be Great Parents... Because Their Love to Nephews and Nieces


| 20 Jul, 2018

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These stars are definitely the future dream parents.

While not many people are close with their nephews and nieces, things are definitely different for these six stars. Despite their packed schedule, they keep showing their affection towards their nephews and nieces. Here are all the six of them, who are the most popular for being celebrities who are close with their nephews and nieces. 

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1. VIXX's Leo

Image Source: Instiz

2. VIXX's N

Image Source: Twitter '@CHA_NNNNN'

3. EXO's Kai

Image Source: Instagram '@zkdlin'

4. Han Jimin 

Image Source: Instagram '@roma.emo'

5. Highlight's Doojoon

Image Source: Instagram '@beeeestdjdjdj'

BONUS: Yoo Byungjae

Image Source: Instagram '@dbqudwo333'

Source: [Youtube] 301호, TV모음, modena314, KAN x, 박셜록, WINNER

Thumbnail Credit: Image Source: Instagram '@zkdlin,' Instiz

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