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7 Female Maknaes Who are Absolute Savages


| 11 Jul, 2018

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These female maknaes are some of the most savages in the industry right now.

Although many love to praise the male maknaes who are on top, some people forget about the female maknaes who are proving their savageness to their unnies, too! Check out the list below for 7 female maknaes who shouldn't be messed with!

1. Red Velvet's Yeri

Image Source: Adorable Candy

Yeri is making herself known as a savage maknae not to be messed with, and fans are loving it! She often teases her other members, leaving them speechless and unable to face her naturally savage ways.

2. TWICE's Tzuyu

Image Source: Gucci Loves Once

Even though Tzuyu is usually quiet because she's not as confident in her Korean, she doesn't shy away from being a savage to her fellow members. She's savage with her words and her actions!

3. f(x)'s Krystal

Image Source: WIN the Beauty

Krystal is known as the 'Ice Princess' but it's not just because of her straight face. She also has a naturally savage and sassy personality to match! Although she has said she can only bully fellow member Amber, her other savage ways say otherwise!

4. MAMAMOO's Hwasa

Image Source: I'mdaMoonstaR

Because Hwasa is pretty blunt and straightforward with her words, fans have started to label her as a savage maknae with no fear. However, this isn't limited to her fellow members, rather she's a straight savage to everyone!

5. GFRIEND's Umji

Image Source: LOVE IS ONLY Umji

Although Umji is usually pretty quiet and shy, she'll sometimes surprise us with her quick and savage responses to her other members when they tease her. Maknae on top!


Image Source: SUNFLOWER

Lisa isn't always savage with her words but definitely doesn't shy away to show her savageness in her actions. She often touches and messes with her fellow members when they are doing live broadcasts, making fans laugh at the frustration of Lisa's unnies while Lisa just laughs innocently. 

7. Seohyun

Image Source: NYLON

Although Seohyun was praised as the maknae of Girls' Generation because of her respectful and reserved ways, fans noticed that if anyone did try to cross her, Seohyun was quick with her savage and honest comebacks! 

Source: [Youtube] MoMo JJang 모모짱, xpikalovee

Thumbnail Credit: AOA HeyDay, MLB Korea, MOONLIGHT

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