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7 Fun Facts about GOT7's Yugyeom That Might Make You Put Him on the Top of Your Bias List


/ 13 Jun, 2018

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Interested in learning more about GOT7's talented maknae Yugyeom? Then you've come to the right place! 


Yugyeom has been becoming more and more well known in the K-pop world in recent years, but many people still don't know much about his personality. Therefore, we've compiled a list of 7 facts about the idol that will make your heart melt for this accomplished and soft boy!  




Image Source: JYP Entertainment 


1. Yugyeom cares about his fellow GOT7 members a lot. When they were trainees, Yugyeom would often pray they would debut together, and would cry when he thought of not debuting with GOT7.  

2. Yugyeom's mother didn't want him to be an idol, but he convinced her to give him a chance. Luckily his hardworking personality paid off!  

3. Yugyeom is a very talented dancer. He is skilled in freestyle, has helped choreograph dances for the group, and of course, he won second place in episode 9 of the show 'Hit the Stage,' and first place in episode 10!  

4. Although he is known for his dancing, he has also played a role in writing and composing many songs for GOT7's albums, such as 'See The Light.'  

5. He's well-liked in the K-pop idol community and has many friends. He is most known for his '97 Line' friends, such as fellow member BamBam, BTS' Jungkook, and SEVENTEEN's DK, The8, and Mingyu.  

6. Yugyeom is considered to be the most sensitive member in GOT7. Fans have seen this side of him through the hidden camera pranks the rest of GOT7 have pulled on him.  

7. Some things he has said about his ideal type are that he likes someone with a grinning face and who has a wacky and unique personality, and that if he likes a girl, everything she does will be cute to him!



Source: [Youtube] GOT7

Thumbnail Credit: gyeomki, MyGyeomieBaby

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