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7 Male Idols with Unique Uneven Eyelids That will Make You Fall in Love in No Time


| 13 Jul, 2018

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These idols' uneven eyelids will make you discover a feature you never knew you loved!

Fans often discuss their favorite idols with double eyelids or monolids, but don't often talk about their favorite idols with uneven eyelids, or one double eyelid and one monolid. Therefore, we've gathered a list of 7 male idols with this unique feature that makes them even more attractive. Check out the list below to see who they are!

1. Lee Daehwi

Image Source: Twitter '@WannaOne_twt'

2. Highlight's Gikwang

Image Source: Twitter '@ent_aroundus'

3. BTS' Suga and V

Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt'

Image Source: VTAC

4. Thunder

Image Source: Instagram '@thunderslighthouse'


Image Source: Instagram '@kim_msl'

6. B1A4's Gongchan

Image Source: Twitter '@_B1A4OFFICIAL'

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment, 1theK (원더케이), ibighit, woolliment, 

Thumbnail Credit: VOYAGER, Instagram '@kim_msl,' Demigod

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