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7 Reasons to Become a Tinkerbell and Stan KNK... Right This Second


| 21 Jun, 2018

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KNK is a five-member boyband who debuted in 2016 and are, unfortunately, still being slept on.

KNK consists of the leader and main dancer Jihun, main vocalist Youjin, main rapper Seungjun, main vocalist Inseong, and lead rapper and maknae Heejun. The group's name stands for 'K-pop kNocK' and it means they want to 'knock on the door of K-pop with their music,' but the pronunciation of their name is like 'Keunakeun,' which means 'to be great.'

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Want to learn more about this group and why you should stan them? Check out the list below!

1. Visual KINGS

Image Source: YNB Entertainment

Somehow, all members possess both a cute boyish charm and a mature, manly aura.

2. Tol height

Image Source: YNB Entertainment

If there's one thing people know about KNK, it's their height. The group's average height is 185 cm (around 6'0"), with the shortest member Heejun at 180 cm (around 5'9") and the tallest member Seungjun at 189 cm (around 6'2"). 

3. Giant babies

Image Source: KNOCKING

Image Source: FamouStar

Just know they literally named their fanclub 'Tinkerbell' while they were watching the movie 'Tinkerbell' together. Yes, the animated children's movie. Also, they have too much aegyo. Someone please (don't) stop them.

4. Power vocals

Image Source: SNOWDROP

Youjin and Inseong are the main vocalists of the group and they can easily hold a note, as well as maintain an amazing range. However, this year Youjin was diagnosed with a panic disorder, so currently KNK is temporarily promoting without him. 

5. Amazing choreography


Image Source: MIRAGE

The leader Jihun actually helps create some of their moves, and if you watch their dances, you'll surely be impressed. The choreography is fairly difficult, especially since they include many moves in which each member's timing must be perfect, and with their talents, they manage to pull it off!

6. Humor that will keep you entertained

Image Source: Twitter '@KNKOfficialYNB'

Even if you don't like their music, you could easily stan the group based on their humor alone. Tol Seungjun especially is known for his humor on variety shows, such as 'Weekly Idol.' 

7. Relatable memes

Image Source: Twitter '@reasonstostanknk'

Just look at these pictures fans have screenshotted from their broadcast or taken from the group's social media and you'll understand.

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: JUN day, Dispatch

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