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8 Actors/Actresses Who Gained Much Weight to Perfect Their Characters


/ 16 Oct, 2018

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They have made a huge sacrifice for their roles. 

Oftentimes, Korean celebrities are strict to their diet, maintaining their slim figures. However, these 8 actors/actresses have once intentionally gained weight to fit their characters in the dramas/films. While it's definitely not easy to gain weight (in a healthy way) in a relatively short time, they have proven that they indeed work hard for their career. Check out who they are below! 

1. Ahn Jaehyun in drama 'Beauty Inside' (5 kg) 

2. Lee Sungkyung in drama 'Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo' (5 kg) 

3. Joo Jihoon in film 'Dark Figure of Crime' (5 kg) 

4. Go Ara in drama 'Reply 1994' (5 kg)

5. Kim Goeun in film 'Sunset in My Hometown' (8 kg)  

6. Lee Yerim in drama 'Gangnam Beauty' (9 kg)  
7. Kwak Siyang in film 'The Witness' (13 kg) 

8. Tae Wonseok in drama 'Player' (30 kg)

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama, megabox.plusm, Lee Min Sung, CJ ENM, ocn  

Thumbnail Credit: ocn, MBC, JTBC

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