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A Fan Guessed the Way Baekhyun Replies to Tweets on Twitter and Baekhyun Verified It


| 10 Aug, 2018

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Baekhyun does his searching well. 

Baekhyun would drop by his newly made Twitter account and surprise fans with sudden a 'reply time' as he replies to a few lucky fans on the social media platform. However, fans realized that the tweets Baekhyun replied to weren't tweets that directly mention him through his username. 

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A fan tweeted "Baekhyuniee clearly search with 'Baekhyun' for sure. Baekhyunah, if you see this tweet, do leave a tweet saying 'We will all be happy'!!! EXO! EXOL! May all of us be healthy and happy and saranghaja(Let's love)"

Image Source: Twitter 'B_hundred_Hyun" Screenshot 

It's clear that the fan didn't mention Baekhyun through his username at all but the EXO member was seen replying, "Oh... That's right.. What should I search for other things!?" verifying the fan's guess that he indeed search tweets using his own name on Twitter. 

Source: [Youtube] B HAPPY

Thumbnail Credit: 키라, BYUN PUPPY

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